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Prayer First

In Paul's letter to the Colossians he writes: Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful. (Col 4:2, NIV)  

At Antioch, we believe that prayer is a foundational block of our faith, and we all have our part to play.

Prayer takes many forms: worship, thanksgiving, repentance (saying sorry) and supplication/intercession (asking for things). As well as our own prayer life, we regularly pray together on Sunday mornings and in our Tribes.


Thy Kingdom Come is a global movement to encourage Christians from all denominations to pray together - there is an annual time when people are encouraged to pray together, but the website has excellent resources for prayer that you can use all year round - click here to find out more.

The Bible Society in Wales also have some great resources for prayer and daily encouragement, go to their website for more information click here.


We have a regular time of prayer every Wedneday Morning at 10am @20 Station Road, Colwyn Bay  - everyone is welcome. 

Prayer requests can be shared via email on our Prayer Chain  - this is a closed email group of people from Antioch who are willing to respond in prayer to the requests made.


To find out about any aspect of prayer in Antioch, including the prayer chain, please speak to James Sheridan to find out more. 

Here are some other websites or apps that might help you with prayer...

One useful tool to encourage us to pray is the PrayerMate App. This available for iOS and Android and is a great tool to keep reminders of people and issues you want to be praying for. You can set it to prompt you each day, or if you prefer you can just open it whenever you wish.


Find out more through the PrayerMate introductory video and download the app here:

PrayerMate App.

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