Antioch in the World

As a church family, we have connections with people working all over the world, and pray for the nations of the world. 

In particular we have members of our church family who work internationally - click on the links  to find out more!


Dr Rhiannon Lloyd - Since 1994, Dr Rhiannon Lloyd has pioneered a reconciliation ministry in Rwanda, working initially with African Enterprise, and later with Mercy Ministries International based in Geneva, and has since travelled extensively across the world with her ministry. To find out more click on

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Wayne and Kim Platt -

Wayne & Kim served in Austria & the Czech republic before moving their family to Wales in 1997. They have a heart for helping people thrive in the ministries God has called them to. Through Refresh International they run residential debriefing weeks from their home. Wayne counsels locally, taking referrals from pastors. Kim & Wayne both provide care online to workers with One Collective Wayne also provides member care for Kim works as part of the leadership of Lifesprings International


Wayne & Kim have been a part of Antioch since 2007.


David and Jen Perkins - they have been living in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia since January 2018, and currently work in a school for Ethiopian children. The school started 5 years ago and has already grown from 30 students to 300! David has been working as one of the principals, helping to train and guide teachers as well as trying to improve the behaviour of some of the children. He is also teaching various different subjects. Jen has been working as a literacy teacher, teaching two Year 2 classes and two Year 3 classes each day. For more info on the project they serve on click on


We also support the work of Tearfund Wales which has a focus on Ethiopia