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 Life at Antioch

Antioch was a town in Syria where the first Christians started going out into the world to tell other people about Jesus (Acts 11:20). We have the same focus - to go out and share the transforming love of Jesus with our community, in Wales and across the world!

Antioch is the name of our Church Family - we gather and meet together in Capel Salem every week. 

We don’t just want to come to hear a good message on a Sunday (although we love it when we do!) – our heart is to let God’s spirit touch us and change us. After all, transformation begins with us.

To truly engage in the life that Jesus has for all of us, we can’t do it on our own – God designed us to love in community. One way we support each other is through small groups we call Tribes. 

A Tribe is made up of a small group of folk from Antioch, and usually meet weekly or fortnightly. Each Tribe has its own Tribe Leader, who is the person that organises the group. Tribes are places to study the Bible together, reflect on what we hear on Sundays and also share what’s going on in our own lives. We need each other to walk through the tough times as well as the good, so Tribes are places we can get prayer and support in all sorts of ways.

To find out more about Tribes, talk to James Sheridan


Another way of connecting is through the monthly Bible Book Club that meets at Capel Salem, where we study a book of the Bible together and share our thoughts with each other. If you want to find out about this group, please talk to Christine Daniel.


We also have a weekly prayer group @20 Station Road, Colwyn Bay - every Wednesday at 10am onwards.


Finally, we connect by giving financially.

If you want to find out more about Tribes,  Bible Book Club, or any aspect of Antioch church, then contact us via email or talk to someone when you visit us.

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