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Digwyddiadau yn ein cymuned

Nodwch nad ydy'r digwyddiadau yma o dan faner Antioch, ac nad ydy eu presenoldeb yma yn dangos cefnogaeth Antioch i'r digwyddiad, ond i chi fod yn ymwybodol o beth sy'n digwydd yn y gymuned o'n cwmpas.

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Events in our community

Note that these events are not happening as part of Antioch, and that their presence here does not denote support by Antioch for the event, but that they are for your information of events in the wider community.

Cylchlythyr Methodistiaid Conwy a Phrestatyn

Conwy and Prestatyn Methodist Newsletter

Cliciwch isod am fanylion

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Shalom,  שלום
I teach basic Biblical Hebrew and have conducted many courses in the past.       
The course comes with no sectarian or denominational bias. It is an exciting course, designed to enlarge Christians’ understanding  and appreciation of the Word of God.
Those who have attended in previous years have said how much it has benefitted them
The course lasts a period of seven weeks, one evening per week each lesson two and a half hours.
It aims to teach you the Hebrew script, reading, understanding and speaking.
There is no charge for the course.
I hope to start the next course in April 2024 in Conwy area
I am restricted on numbers
Details will follow of times and place if you send me your name and mobile number on 
07552 228580
Peter Appleton

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