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July 2021


We are now meeting on Sunday Mornings at 10:30 am. You still need to book a seat if you are coming to Capel Salem - please tell Les or Vanessa just as soon as you are able, by phone (01492 549018), email ( or text (07815 447590 or 07531 797822). 

You can also watch on a Sunday morning - click here to receive the link.


We want to encourage the whole Antioch family to continue to connect with one another as every bit of contact means a lot in the situation we face. 


Please share with others any helpful resources you come across, and if you have not received any contact from someone else in the fellowship up to this point then please contact any one of the elders to let them know.

A new prayer line has been developed and also see the link boxes below to find out what else is going on at this time , although some activities have been put on pause....

The peace and hope of our Lord Jesus be yours,
from James, Jenny, Les and Pete (Elders).